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ALERT - Ethanol Proposal (to increase to E15) can damage your motors and fuel tanks

Alcohol leading cause of boating deaths - USCG / NMMA 

Automated Radio Check - Do not do a "radio check" on channel 16 use this free service:

Kittery Ch 27, Cape Ann Ch 26, Boston Ch 27, Marshfield Ch 26, Falmouth Ch 28

Beginner Boating Safety Tips - Discover Boating

Boat Safety Tips - Mass Marine Trades

Boat Safety Education - USCG Auxillary

Boat US - Boat Assistance

Boston Light 300 - Tricentennial Anniversary Information (USCG)

Captains Classroom - Boating Maintenance, Operation & Safety Tips by Seatow

Commercial Traffic & the Recreational Boater NY/NJ Harbor

Designated Skipper Program - Sea Tow's Safe & Sober Boating Campaign 

Dredging Flyer PDF\

Ethanol causing damage in boat engines Boating Industry 6/30/16

Ethanol Hearing held in Congress - June 2016 NMMA

Exhaust System, how to maintain it 5/16 Power & Motor Yacht Magazine

Float Plan "Central" - complete a float plan prior to a journey - USCG Aux

Fog Horn Automated System Many lighthouses no longer sound their fog horn unless it is triggered by a VHF Radio Signal

Fueling Awareness PDF

Green Boating Guide Sailors for the Sea

How to Use GPS ONLINE Course - Boat US Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water and the United States Power Squadrons

Impact of Boating in Massachusetts (2010 study)

Keeping Your Boat Afloat -Boat US

Large Vessel Awareness PDF

Massachusetts Boater Exam Study Guide - for Boater License (required for operators 12-17 yrs old & good information for adults)

Motor Boat Safety Video NY/NJ Harbor

National Safe Boating Week May 21-28, 2016 & ALL the time!

Paddle Craft Recommendations

Paddling Safety NY/NJ Harbor

Pre-Departure Check List - Discover Boating

Recreational Boating Annual Statistics 2016 - USCG

Sailing Safety NY/NJ Harbor

Seaworthy Magazine - Boat US, tips for boat maintenance

Sea Tow Boston - Boat Assistance

Shared Waterways - USCG

Stop a boat from sinking - Boat US

"Uber Boats" USCG Safety Alert 6/10/2016

US Power Squadron - Boat Safety Classes (including online, classroom, how to use GPS, planning your cruise, weather for Boaters, Marine Radio and more

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) - Schedule a Free Safety Check by the US Power Squardon

VHF Radio VS Cell Phone - Why the VHF is better than depending on a cell phone - Sea Tow

VHF Radio, choosing the best one for you - Boat US

Virtual Buoy System  Power & Motor Yacht Magazine 7/11/16

Virtual Safety Check - do it yourself boating safety check

Weather for Boaters / How to read the clouds - Boat Safe

Whale ALERT Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary information about whales and an APP designed to reduce whale strikes