The NCM HSC has 3 different types of meeting; Managing Board Meetings, Regional Safety Committee meetings, and standing or ”ad-hoc” sub-committee meetings, each described in detail below along with a typical NMC HSC meeting schedule flow chart in Diagram 2.  All meetings are publicized on the NCM HSC webpage and open to the public however members of the public are not able to vote during elections or on general decisions.  Meeting minutes are taken at all meetings and posted on the NCM HSC webpage. 

Managing Board Meetings: 

The board meets at least quarterly to discuss status of sub-committee work and to plan for Regional Safety Committee meetings.  The board is comprised of three permanent members, one from the Boston Marine Society, one from the Salem Marine Society, and one from USCG Sector Boston, and other members covering the span of interests from each respective Regional Safety Committee.  The USCG Sector Boston seat will be filled by the Captain of the Port who will be a permanent non-voting ex officio member of the Managing Board.  Ex officio members may not hold elected positions on the committee.  Although non-voting, the Captain of the Port’s input and recommendations are a necessary voice in the Managing Board. 

Managing Board members are filled by the Regional Safety Committee membership to represent the region’s unique differences and waterway usage.  These positions may be filled by individuals employed as port managers, terminal operators, vessel operators, vessel agents and/or pilots. 

Additionally, the NCM HSC should appoint an Executive Secretary who shall be responsible for administratively supporting the Managing Board.   Subsequent to each Managing Board, Regional Safety Committee, or sub-committee meeting minutes should be drafted and submitted to (and retained by) the Managing Board.

Regional Safety Committees are comprised of regional members and lead by a Chairman elected by the Managing Board.  The USCG Sector Boston Captain of the Port, or his/her designee will serve as a permanent non-voting ex officio Advisor to the Chairman.  Additionally the NCM HSC Executive Secretary is responsible for administratively supporting the Regional Safety Committees.