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ALERT - Ethanol Proposal (to increase to E15) can damage your motors and fuel tanks

Alcohol leading cause of boating deaths - USCG / NMMA 

Automated Radio Check - Do not do a "radio check" on channel 16 use this free service:

Kittery Ch 27, Cape Ann Ch 26, Boston Ch 27, Marshfield Ch 26, Falmouth Ch 28

Beginner Boating Safety Tips - Discover Boating

Boat Safety Tips - Mass Marine Trades

Boat Safety Education - USCG Auxillary

Boat US - Boat Assistance

Boston Light 300 - Tricentennial Anniversary Information (USCG)

Captains Classroom - Boating Maintenance, Operation & Safety Tips by Seatow

Commercial Traffic & the Recreational Boater NY/NJ Harbor

Designated Skipper Program - Sea Tow's Safe & Sober Boating Campaign 

Dredging Flyer PDF\

Ethanol causing damage in boat engines Boating Industry 6/30/16

Ethanol Hearing held in Congress - June 2016 NMMA

Exhaust System, how to maintain it 5/16 Power & Motor Yacht Magazine

Float Plan "Central" - complete a float plan prior to a journey - USCG Aux

Fog Horn Automated System Many lighthouses no longer sound their fog horn unless it is triggered by a VHF Radio Signal

Fore River Bridge Center Span Lift Scheduled starting August 15,  2016 MassDOT

Fueling Awareness PDF

Green Boating Guide Sailors for the Sea

How to Use GPS ONLINE Course - Boat US Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water and the United States Power Squadrons

Keeping Your Boat Afloat -Boat US

Large Vessel Awareness PDF

Massachusetts Boater Exam Study Guide - for Boater License (required for operators 12-17 yrs old & good information for adults)

Motor Boat Safety Video NY/NJ Harbor

National Safe Boating Week May 21-28, 2016 & ALL the time!

Paddling Safety NY/NJ Harbor

Pre-Departure Check List - Discover Boating

Sailing Safety NY/NJ Harbor

Seaworthy Magazine - Boat US, tips for boat maintenance

Sea Tow Boston - Boat Assistance

Stop a boat from sinking - Boat US

Thunderstorm Safety Tips - Boat US

"Uber Boats" USCG Safety Alert 6/10/2016

US Power Squadron - Boat Safety Classes (including online, classroom, how to use GPS, planning your cruise, weather for Boaters, Marine Radio and more

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) - Schedule a Free Safety Check by the US Power Squardon

VHF Radio VS Cell Phone - Why the VHF is better than depending on a cell phone - Sea Tow

VHF Radio, choosing the best one for you - Boat US

Virtual Buoy System  Power & Motor Yacht Magazine 7/11/16

Virtual Safety Check - do it yourself boating safety check

Weather for Boaters / How to read the clouds - Boat Safe

Whale ALERT Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary information about whales and an APP designed to reduce whale strikes