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The Massachusetts Bay Harbor Safety Committee (MB HSC) Strategic Plan provides a unified framework for addressing regional waterway safety issues based upon the input of the MB HSC.  The Strategic Plan was originally developed from various risk mitigation strategies that resulted from the findings of a comprehensive Ports and Waterway Safety Assessment conducted in Boston on July 11-13 2011.  The Strategic Plan includes challenges or initiatives that can be addressed within a five year planning period.  Additionally, initiatives or challenges that the MB HSC have deemed not to be feasible (due to complexities or cost) within this five year planning period have been cataloged for historical reference on an “Objectives Not Feasible” sheet in this document. 

The Strategic Plan contains challenges, initiatives, and risk mitigation strategies within the following focus areas:  General Waterway, Commercial Vessels, Recreational Vessels, Shore Side, and Miscellaneous.  A prioritization column is provided to afford the group a methodology to strategically focus attention and resources.  Category “A” indicates that the HSC should focus on this challenge/initiative within the next 12 months, category “B” should be addressed within 36 months, and category “C” items deserve the group’s attention within the five year cycle. Region and sub region columns allow for the geographic identification based on regional HSC and/or waterway applicability. The key stakeholder columns allows for the identification of principle entities associated with the challenge or initiative. Finally, status and comments columns allow for the historical tracking of progress and/or amendments to the respective challenge or initiative.

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